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SSC JE 2008 Question Paper

SSC JE 2008 Question Paper


  1. Permissible compressive strength of M200 concrete grade is: 200 Kg/cm square
  2. The shrinkage of concrete: Is proportional to water content in the mix, Is proportional to cement concrete, Increase with age of concrete
  3. If d and n are the effective depth and depth of neutral axis respectively of a singly reinforced beam, the lever arm is: d-(n/3)
  4. The length of the straight portion of the bar beyond the end of the hook should be at least: 4d
  5. Water cement ratio is generally expressed volume of water required per: 50 Kg Cement
  6. I.S.I. has specified the full strength of concrete after: 28 days
  7. The concrete mix which causes difficulty is obtaining a smooth finish is known to possess: Hardness
  8. The flaky aggregate is said to be elongated if it's length is: Twice the mean size
  9. A SSB is supported to a couple somewhere in the span. It will produce: Rectangular S.F.D. and both +BM and -BM are maximum at the point of application of the couple
  10. A SSB of length L carries two unequal couples M at two ends, if the fexural rigidity EI is constant. Then the central deflection of the beam is given by: M(L squre)/8EI
  11. The relation between E and C: C= mE/2(m+1)
  12. The cantilever of span 'l' has a load P acting at the free end. The BM at the free end will be: 0
  13. The BM. (M) is constant over a length of segment (I) of a beam, the shearing force will also be constant over this length and is given by: M/I
  14. The difference in pressure head, measured by a mercury water differential manometer for a 20 cm difference of mercury lead will be: 2.52 m
  15. The flow in open channel is Laminar if Reynolds number is : Less than 500
  16. The net head (H) on a turbine is given by: H= Gross Head - head loss due to friction


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