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Transportation Engineering Study Material For GATE

Transportation Engineering Study Materials For GATE

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering (GATE) is organized by various Indian Institute Of Technology (IITs). 


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Syllabus Of Transportation Engineering Of GATE:

Transportation Infrastructure: Highway alignment and engineering surveys; Geometric
design of highways - cross-sectional elements, sight distances, horizontal and vertical
alignments; Geometric design of railway track; Airport runway length, taxiway and exit
taxiway design.
Highway Pavements: Highway materials - desirable properties and quality control tests;
Design of bituminous paving mixes; Design factors for flexible and rigid pavements; Design
of flexible pavement using IRC: 37-2012; Design of rigid pavements using IRC: 58-2011;
Distresses in concrete pavements.
Traffic Engineering: Traffic studies on flow, speed, travel time - delay and O-D study, PCU,
peak hour factor, parking study, accident study and analysis, statistical analysis of traffic
data; Microscopic and macroscopic parameters of traffic flow, fundamental
relationships; Control devices, signal design by Webster’s method; Types of intersections
and channelization; Highway capacity and level of service of rural highways and urban

Download Transportation Engineering Study Material For GATE

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