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Geo technical Engineering Study Material For GATE

Geo technical Engineering Study Materials For GATE

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering (GATE) is organized by various Indian Institute Of Technology (IITs). 


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Syllabus Of Geo technical Engineering Of GATE:

Soil Mechanics: Origin of soils, soil structure and fabric; Three-phase system and phase
relationships, index properties; Unified and Indian standard soil classification system;
Permeability - one dimensional flow, Darcy’s law; Seepage through soils - two-dimensional
flow, flow nets, uplift pressure, piping; Principle of effective stress, capillarity, seepage
force and quicksand condition; Compaction in laboratory and field conditions; Onedimensional
consolidation, time rate of consolidation; Mohr’s circle, stress paths, effective
and total shear strength parameters, characteristics of clays and sand.

Foundation Engineering: Sub-surface investigations - scope, drilling bore holes, sampling,
plate load test, standard penetration and cone penetration tests; Earth pressure theories -
Rankine and Coulomb; Stability of slopes - finite and infinite slopes, method of slices and
Bishop’s method; Stress distribution in soils - Boussinesq’s and Westergaard’s theories,
pressure bulbs; Shallow foundations - Terzaghi’s and Meyerhoff’s bearing capacity
theories, effect of water table; Combined footing and raft foundation; Contact pressure;
Settlement analysis in sands and clays; Deep foundations - types of piles, dynamic and
static formulae, load capacity of piles in sands and clays, pile load test, negative skin

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